Drawn to Words
Hello there,
I hope you are all having a lovely day. I thought my first ever blog should be an introductory one, so you can get to know me a little bit and find out the kind of things I’ll be writing about.
My name is Laura, I am nearly fifty (how that happened I don’t know!). me waking by the sparkly seaI have always been interested in creating art and in recent years have made the leap to start selling online. I had an exhibition a couple of years ago in a thriving gallery in Hartley Wintney which I absolutely loved. I sold several paintings too, which made it even more special. I love experimenting with different types of paint, and different types of craft. I had a go at throwing some pots last year, in fact I got a bit obsessed, but gave myself a talking to when I was trying to work out how I could fit an industrial kiln in our tiny garden. My recent obsession has been fountain pens and ink, which I managed to have satisfied with some inexpensive and easy to house purple ink cartridges!

I work in a bookshop part-time. I love it! It is hard not to spend all your wages on the brilliant new books that come in. Or the stationery for that matter. My dream though is to have a studio by the sea. Just imagine, painting at the easel and glancing up to see the vast sky and the sun sparkling on the surface, or huge waves rolling in during a storm.

As you can probably tell then, aside from art, my big passion is the sea. I get withdrawal symptoms if I spend too long away from near it. Swimming in the sea is my idea of heaven, it just makes me feel alive to be that immersed in nature. I love it in a storm too (no swimming though) and that is a big inspiration for me as you will see in my work. I realised recently that it isn’t just the sea that I enjoy but generally being out in the landscape, whatever the weather. Trees have been a big thing for me this last year, and although I have painted a few small pieces, I feel there is a larger painting forming in my mind, it isn’t ready yet, but it is bubbling away waiting for the right moment to burst forth onto the canvas.

morning sunshine through trees

Writing about what I do is a very recent thing for me. I have been drawn to words more and more since my Dad passed away last year. It was sudden and very shocking.  It was strange to me, having always been such a visual person, that I was almost haunted by the need to express myself in writing during this time of grief. So ‘Drawn to Words’ the blog is born and dedicated to my Dad. I know you would be proud Dad.

In future posts I will be covering such wonderful areas as creativity and inspiration. As my inspiration is the land and sea, there will definitely be lots of nature writing in there too. I’ll cover practical things about buying and owning artwork in my newsletter. How to look after paintings, or choose a frame, that kind of thing. So I hope that whets your appetite for what’s coming along in the future.

Thank you for reading this today and I hope you are looking forward to my first ‘proper’ blog post.  If you would like to have a little mooch around my gallery, click here. Or subscribe to my newsletter with the form to the right of this post.

Hope you’re having fun whatever you are doing,

Laura x