Awakening – Ancestral Woods Collection

A small oil painting on 5×7 gesso board, this little original has a big presence.

Awakening is full of rich rusts and deep browns. Contrasting sunlight streams through the trees. Lose yourself for a while in this woodland setting and feel the stresses of the day drift away.

Also available as a Giclée print.



When I am walking in the woods, it awakens a deep longing in me that is ignored in the everyday. A need to be in nature.  A deep rooted need to hear the wind in the trees, to feel the air on my face. A need to see the deep greens and rich browns, smell the damp of the earth and feel the layers of it, hundreds of years old, sink beneath my feet.

It is curious how we pay for 'mindfulness' sessions, buy expensive candles that smell of the sea or the forest, spend money on experiences to help us relax. Yet all we have to do to satisfy that deep longing within us, is to go outside.

Awakening is calling to you, to recognise that longing within you.

Ancestral Woods collection

Inspired by research into my family history, which took me to the tiny church in West Harling, on the edge of Thetford Forest, Norfolk. Ancestral Woods is a collection of paintings, making visual the deep connection I felt standing on my ancestor's land.

A note about the colours.

The overall tone of this painting is warm with bright light coming in. There are cool dark shadows, the mid tones are warm browns with a red/chestnut tint, alongside fern green in the foreground. The sunlight that streams through the trees is a clotted cream white with hints of lemon. Tiny splashes of bright blue excite the eye and add depth. The piece is slightly textured, especially the highlights and foreground, which again adds to the perspective.

Materials and finish of the original

Painted using Daniel Smith oil paints, on a 7x5 gesso board. It has been varnished with a matt varnish for protection. The matt finish means there is no glare from any angle. It is ready to mount or frame.


A Giclée print is available as an option. Giclée is a high quality printing technique using archival inks and paper. The colour matching is as near as you can get to the original. The giclée prints come mounted in a soft white double mount to fit a standard frame. The image is printed with a border around it so there is space for my signature. The print comes with a certificate of authentication signed by both myself and the print maker, stating the materials used comply to museum quality archival standards. You can be confident your print has been made by skilled technicians using the highest quality materials. Image size 7x5 inches overall mounted size 10x8 inches.

Where to hang it and frame styles.

These small gesso board paintings are great for dotting around your home. Perfect for adding interest to a small corner. Pop it on a small wire plate stand to display it on a shelf or table, or prop it casually between your favourite hardbacks.

Alternatively you can frame it and hang it in the hall, or on the landing. A smaller wall will highlight it more than hanging it on a main wall where it may get lost, or swamped by larger pictures. If you do frame it I would suggest a wide frame, it will add space around the painting and the attention will be focused on the painting more. A thinner frame would look too cramped. If you prefer thinner frames, consider mounting the painting first which will give it breathing space within the frame.

For frame types, if you are going wide, choose something grand and ornate to make a statement, or a plain wood, but rich in colour like a walnut wood. If you are going for a mount and thinner frame, go for a cream or pale sage mount and a simple wooden frame, light or dark.

Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 7 in
Original or print?

Original, Fine Art Print, Miniature Masterpiece


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Awakening - Ancestral Woods Collection – Original

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Be the proud owner of the original painting. See below for more information.
Awakening - Ancestral Woods Collection – Fine Art Print

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Produced by skilled technicians meeting museum archival standards, a giclée print is the nearest you will get to the original. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by myself and the printmakers. See below for more information.