The Ancestral Woods – Ancestral Woods Collection

The original Ancestral Woods that inspired the whole collection.

Calming and atmospheric. Look deep into this painting and feel yourself relax.

Mounted in a soft white double mount and ready to frame in a standard 11×14 inch frame (original painting).

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The Ancestral Woods

The original Ancestral Woods. This is the place that inspired the whole Ancestral Woods exhibition.

Standing on the spot where my ancestors had stood more than 200 years before, I looked at the trees they would have seen every day. Like something from a scene in a film, I could hear the echoes of their voices across time. Children playing in the fields as their parents, my great, great, grandparents, talked with their neighbours and friends. I love looking into this painting. The height of the trees and the pale sunshine cutting through the shade transports me back to that moment.

A note about the colours.

Rich browns, misty blue-green foliage. Sunshine adds lemony green highlights through the trees. At the top of the painting you can glimpse the clotted cream clouds through the tree tops. The cool of the forest is contrasted by the warmth of the sunshine giving a beautifully balanced painting in both composition and temperature. This is a misty, atmospheric painting

Ancestral Woods collection

Inspired by research into my family history, which took me to the tiny church in West Harling, on the edge of Thetford Forest, Norfolk. Ancestral Woods is a collection of paintings, making visual the deep connection I felt standing on my ancestor's land.

Materials and Finish used for the original

Painted on a sheet of canvas. I used both Daniel Smith and Winsor and Newton oil paints. The painting is mounted in a soft white double mount and cellophaned for protection (it is ready to give as a present). It will fit a standard 11x14 inch frame. The image is 9.5 x 7.5 inches and the overall mounted size is 14 x 11 inches.


A Giclée print is not available for this painting as I was not satisfied with the colour matching. I will only sell prints where the colour matches the original painting. If I am able to, I will provide prints in the future.

This size painting would suit a large wall space. It can be a feature painting in a living room, dining room or large hall. A neutral background would show this piece off to its best. But it would take a coloured wall if you choose one of the blue or green colours within the painting. It is calming enough to work in a bedroom space too.

A thin white frame would enhance the calming effect of the painting (between 1 and 1.5 inches wide). Alternatively, a light oak frame would give a similar effect (about an inch wide). Enhance the drama of the perspective and height of the trees with a thin frame (1/2 inch wide) in a dark wood (walnut colour or a rich reddy brown wood). If you want to look grand you could frame in a wide ornate traditional aged gold or bronze frame (2 inches or more wide).

Additional information

Dimensions 11 × 14 in
Original or print?

Original, Fine Art Giclee Print, Miniature Masterpiece


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