Ancient Pathways – Ancestral Woods Collection

Walk the ancient pathways every day with this 6.5 x 4.5 inch watercolour. Full of light and colour, sunshine and shadow. It will brighten any room and bring the outdoors in. It is finished with a beautiful soft white double mount ready for you to fit into a standard sized 10×8 inch frame.


Ancient Pathways - Ancestral Woods Collection

When you walk through woodlands or forests, you are following ancient pathways. One footstep at a time, a path is worn by generation after generation of people. Cones and needles and leaves and twigs, are trodden down to form the springy, rich path beneath your feet. The sense of times past,  hangs in the chill air.  There is as powerful a sense of history deep within these trees as there is in any castle or church.

Ancestral Woods collection

Inspired by research into my family history, which took me to the tiny church in West Harling, on the edge of Thetford Forest, Norfolk. Ancestral Woods is a collection of paintings, making visual the deep connection I felt standing on my ancestor's land.

A note about the colours.

The sun shines through the leaves bringing a lemon and lime light into the cool woodland. The wonderful qualities of watercolour are demonstrated here as the white of the paper shines through the paint. This gives the painting the illusion of having its own inner light. The midtones are warm ambers and yellows, warm light greens and a beautiful warm shadow colour called Moonglow (made by Daniel Smith). Moonglow is hard to describe but think of a shadowy purple with a warmth to it like a deep night sky. I used it to paint the tree that is almost central in the painting too. The dark tones are a deep, almost walnut wood brown. The balance of light and dark, warm and cool creates a vibrant energy within the painting. Relaxing your mind but lifting the spirit at the same time.

Materials and Finish used for the original

Painted on Fabriano watercolour paper, with a cold pressed finish (not too roughly or smoothly textured). I used both Daniel Smith and Winsor and Newton watercolour paints. The painting is mounted in a soft white double mount and cellophaned for protection (or so it is ready to give as a present). It will fit a standard 10x8 inch frame. Image size is 6.5 x 4.5 inches overall mounted size is 10 x 8 inches.


A Giclée print is available as an option. Giclée is a high quality printing technique using archival inks and paper. The colour matching is as near as you can get to the original. The giclée prints come mounted in a soft white double mount to fit a standard frame. The image is printed with a border around it so there is space for my signature. The print comes with a certificate of authentication signed by both myself and the print maker, stating the materials used comply to museum quality archival standards. You can be confident your print has been made by skilled technicians using the highest quality materials. Image size is 7x5 inches and overall mounted size is 10x8 inches.

Where to hang it and frame styles.

For frame styles, you can't really go too far wrong with this piece. It would suit a thin dark wood frame, or even a thin gold or silver frame. A light out frame would also suit. A white frame or metallic frame would emphasise the light within it and the space around it. While a darker frame would 'capture' it and keep it within the painting. It will suit neutral walls, pastels walls or coloured walls of greens, blues or yellows. As it is small, it would prop up on your bookcase or shelf if you fancied a rather casually, sophisticated look. Due to its size, it could be a feature in a small hallway, landing or stairs.

I hope you are enjoying your visit to my gallery. If you'd like to read a blog post on inspiration and where new ideas come from, pop over to my blog Drawn to Words.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 8 in
Original or Fine Art Giclee PRint

Original, Fine Art Giclee print, Miniature Masterpiece


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Ancient Pathways - Ancestral Woods Collection – Fine Art Giclee print

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Produced by skilled technicians meeting museum archival standards, a giclée print is the nearest you will get to the original. Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by myself and the printmakers. See below for more information.