Can You Feel the Spirit of this Ancient Land – Framed Watercolour

A vibrant and uplifting watercolour, with gorgeous watermarks and texture. This little piece is full of energy and light. It comes in a quality oak frames that finishes it with style and simplicity.

Can you feel the Spirit? This painting just makes my heart beat a bit faster, I just love it! Rich and textured this landscape is inspired by The Dingle Peninsular in South West Ireland. With the backdrop of blue mountains, this exposed, dramatic landscape will be an atmospheric addition to your room, giving you energy and peace, in equal measure, every time you look into it.

Painted with the highest quality watercolour paints by Daniel Smith. These paints are gorgeous to work with and I am addicted to them! They are buttery and wonderful. Some colours separate beautifully, settling in to the pockets of the textured paper. For this painting I used Fabriano rough watercolour paper. It has a unique surface pattern that works well with these paints. I think you'll agree the combination is a stunningly vibrant piece of art.

The image size if 7 x 5 inches approx.

This painting comes in a beautiful, but simple oak frame and is mounted in a soft white double mount. They finish the painting perfectly and would suit any décor.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11.81 × 13.78 × 0.98 in