Cathedral Song – Ancestral Woods Collection

Look deep into this painting and you will feel the ageless strength and tranquillity of the woods.

Finished with a beautiful soft white double mount this painting comes ready to fit a standard 14×11 inch frame.

Cathedral Song

I walk deep into the woods. The trees tower up into the sky above me like the pillars of a cathedral holding up a great roof. The silence too has the quality of a sacred place, it seeps into my body and I can feel myself let go. The noise of the world is somewhere on the other side of this place. As the buzz and thrum recedes, all I can hear is the sound of my own thoughts. But, these too, soon quieten and settle, no longer fighting to be heard. I have entered the cathedral of trees and its gift to me is it's song. A peace so deep it changes my physical being. The hush of the wind as it whispers through the leaves, the roar as it's power strengthens. The sounds of birds calling, animals foraging for food. This quietness has a powerful presence that is nourishing to the spirit. It is the Cathedral Song.

A note about the colours.

Subtle muted colours are the signature of this oil painting. Cool browns, warm golds and rich chestnut give an autumnal feel. Cool blues and warm winter sunshine add depth. The texture of the canvas adds interest as I let it show through in areas of the painting. Scraping away the paint, back to the stained canvas gives a sense of detail and adds layers to the landscape.

Ancestral Woods collection

Inspired by research into my family history, which took me to the tiny church in West Harling, on the edge of Thetford Forest, Norfolk. Ancestral Woods is a collection of paintings, making visual the deep connection I felt standing on my ancestor's land.

Materials and Finish used for the original

Painted on a sheet of loose canvas. I used both Daniel Smith and Winsor and Newton oil paints. It has been varnished for protection. The painting is mounted in a soft white double mount and cellophaned to protect it and so it is ready to give as a present. The image is 9.5 x 7.5 inches and the overall mounted size is 14 x 11 inches.


A Giclée print is available as an option. Giclée is a high quality printing technique using archival inks and paper. The colour matching is as near as you can get to the original. The giclée prints come mounted in a soft white double mount to fit a standard frame. The image is printed with a border around it so there is space for my signature. The print comes with a certificate of authentication signed by both myself and the print maker, stating the materials used comply to museum quality archival standards. You can be confident your print has been made by skilled technicians using the highest quality materials. The image size is 10x7 inches and the overall mounted size is 16x12 inches.

Where to hang it and frame styles.

You will want to hang this painting somewhere you can look at it while you are relaxing. It has a quality about it that makes you want to sit and look right into it and lose yourself for a while. The colours are natural and restful, so would suit a living room, or maybe a bedroom. Obviously, you can hang it anywhere, even in the hallway, but to get the most from it, you need to be able to sit and look at it everyday. For a frame, it needs something strong in either colour or style. A wide (minimum 2 inches) unvarnished dark wood frame would finish it beautifully and enhance the rich colour in the painting. A lighter wood, wide or thin, would also work and enhance the soft light colours within. A traditional wide frame in an aged gold finish could work too. If you want to be really modern, a wide white frame would suit, as long as it fitted with your décor. I would avoid thin gold, silver or metallic frames.

Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 11 in
Original or Print

Original, Giclee Fine Art Print, Miniature Masterpiece


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Cathedral Song - Ancestral Woods Collection – Giclee Fine Art Print

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