Hatchards, Piccadilly 16×12 mounted watercolour painting

An original watercolour painting of this most iconic of Bookshops, Hatchards in London. Famous worldwide, people come from all over to browse its shelves for 1st editions or signed copies. Click here to find out more about this original painting.

Hatchards is the oldest Bookshop in London situated on Piccadilly, one of the most famous streets in the world.

Hatchards was established in 1797 and holds the Royal Warrant, supplying books to the Royal family. Book lovers across generations have found treasures in this building and sought sanctuary here, with a book, in a corner somewhere, escaping from the world outside.

This painting in the series was one of my favourite to paint. I love the contrast of the outside of the building and the warmth and colour inside with the faint outline of people browsing for a book. It could equally be an image of today, or one from Victorian London. I love the little details, the tiled floor in the entrance and the glass blocks in the pavement. I purposely left the door ajar to invite you in.

The highest quality materials have been used for this painting. Watercolour paper made at St Cuthbert's Mill, Somerset and Daniel Smith watercolour paints.

It is mounted in a soft white double mount, ready to fit a 12 x 16 inch frame. The image size is approximately 12 x 9 inches. I have these mounts custom-made to fit each painting (or set of paintings) by my framer as they are such good quality and finish the painting perfectly.

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