The Morning Sun Breaks Through – Framed Watercolour

The morning sun breaks through the clouds in this small but dramatic watercolour painting. Have you realised how addicted I am to Ireland yet? I must definitely have a Celtic heart!  I never fail to be inspired by its spirit. It is stunning in all weathers and I am constantly drawn back to it for inspiration. This painting is a favourite.

Atmospheric, with a strong spirit. Does that connect with you?

Sun momentarily breaks through the thick clouds in this misty Irish landscape. Beautiful watercolour marks add striking details and evoke the spirit of this rugged unspoilt land. I love places like this, they lift my soul and restore the balance of life. You won't be able to walk past this without stopping to look into it's rich colour and detail.Colourful Textured Framed watercolour

Painted as part of a series of Irish landscapes this would be a real talking point, paired with 'Can you feel the spirit of this Ancient Land'

A note about the colours.

The stormy blues and deep purples have a relaxing effect on the mind. They give a sense of space in the landscape. The rusty, earthy colours sit in the texture of the paper and add detail and focus. For such a small painting, these colours really have an impact wherever you hang it.

Ready to hang straight on your wall.

This painting comes in a beautiful, but simple oak frame and is mounted in a soft white double mount. They finish the painting perfectly and would suit any décor. It's ready to hang straight on your wall.

Image size is 7x5 inches

Overall size 12x14 inches approx.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11.81 × 13.78 × 0.98 in