The Road to Dog’s Bay – Watercolour

The Road to Dog’s Bay is a dramatic and atmospheric drive through the rich landscape of Connemara. To visit this land is to visit the past, the spirit, the heart of Celtic spirituality.

Scroll down for more detailed descripti0n and information about the painting as well as the place.

The Road to Dog's Bay was the first painting I did in the Connemara Collection and I was surprised as I moved through the painting how the subject was changing my style of painting. As you often hear authors' say, the characters start to dictate what happens in the story and gain a mind of their own, so it is odd, but true, that this painting knew how it wanted to be created.

My recent style of work had been with sweeping loose washes and very little 'painted' detail. Most detail came from the interaction of pigment and paper, but here, in Connemara, the detail wanted to be painted, slowly and definitely, not left to the alchemy of the painting process.

I get such a sense in Ireland of the layers of history, the people's stories, laid down century after century in the landscape they lived. And the painting style here reflects this in the layer upon layer of transparent paint, building to a rich coloured and textured painting.

The image size is 11.5 x 8 inches, on St Cuthbert's Mill rough watercolour paper. This original painting is finished in a soft white mount ready for framing in a 16x12 inch frame.

A bit about the colour.

Colours can be subtly different on screen, so I will describe them here for you. I used indigo blue for the distant mountain, a cool dark blue, with a watered down, version turning to grey blue for the lighter mountain. Cool, dark green (think dark fir trees) for the darker trees, with some cooler, paler washes of dark blue for the ghostly trees. A more sage green for some of the other greenery, graduating through to a bright 'new leaf' green in a few spots. There are some rich, rusty browns and golds in there too, with a few splashes of an electric blue and the road is a built up of watery layers of colour. The overriding one being a spellbinding colour called Moonglow. It is a subtle shadowy mauvey, purpley, warm grey. Probably my favourite colour at the moment. There are warm tones in the stone walls as well as the foreground landscape.

This painting has many rich warm and cool brushstrokes of colour and lovely layers and textures. The Road to Dog's Bay will look more beautiful than you can imagine from looking at your screen.

If you have any questions at all about this painting, please contact me on I am always happy to discuss anything with you with absolutely no pressure to purchase. Ask away!

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