Summer Days – Watercolour and acrylics on canvas

There is so much to see in this bright and beautiful landscape, rich with colour and texture. I have drawn influence from my favourite places to create this imaginary landscape that will bring warmth and colour to your home,

I set out to capture the richness and colour of the landscapes I love in the bright and beautiful mixed media painting.

It's meant to be a colourful landscape painting, but I love the sea so much I couldn't resist sneaking in a couple of bays with crystal clear waters too! Sometimes I imagine it is the landscape of Norfolk stretching in front of me, at others it is the Scottish Islands, or Cornish coastline. I have used a base of acrylics and then watercolour paint to add the bright colours. In some places I have left the canvas to show through, which adds to the texture and enhances the detail of this imaginary place. I hope you feel the warmth of the sunshine and the cool, gentle breeze on your skin.

If you hang it on your wall you will instantly have a room with a view
I have been painting watercolours with Daniel Smith products for a couple of years now, they are beautiful, buttery paints and inspiring in their own right. They make a product called watercolour ground, which can be painted on any surface to prepare it for the use of watercolours. I was so inspired by this, I couldn't wait to sit down and paint watercolour on canvas. I hope you like the colourful and lively result?
It has been lightly sprayed with varnish for protection.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 11.81 × 11.81 × 0.98 in