New Art Stuff!

Who doesn’t love an art or craft shop? Just like the sweet shops of childhood, it is brimming with colourful, intriguing and inspiring things to fire your imagination and stir the artistic soul. 

I have a couple of Ikea cabinets with draws full of paints, brushes, little pots of ink or porcelain paint. Clay tools, brush rolls, charcoal, liquid graphite, watercolour sticks, various travel palettes and travel brushes. The list in itself is exciting, so to open a draw and rummage inside (each one is a little bit TOO full) is enough to fire up the imagination.

If I get into an arty rut, I choose a couple of new Daniel Smith watercolour in outrageous colours, or a new product like a watercolour stick, or liquid graphite and experiment with them to discover new techniques and textures. It is a great way to free up any restrictions you may have put on yourself about what you can and can’t do. I break a few rules and see what the result is. Often the results of these experiments can be incorporated into a ‘proper’ painting to create an interesting texture, or area within the painting.

Another favourite thing to do is order catalogues from the art website Jacksons. And when they arrive, I sit with a mug of tea and browse through them, filling my brain with colour swatches and colour charts and the stirrings of a new painting bron from the page. 

Why not visit your local store, or click through to the Jacksons website and order a catalogue or two? Especially if you are stuck in your own crafting endeavours, you can be sure to find inspiration.