Philip Pullman Commission

Philip Pullman and The Book of Dust

Volume One – La Belle Sauvage

my signature on the Philip Pullman canvas commissioned for La Belle Sauvage

My signature on the canvas for La Belle Sauvage marketing campaign

 I was commissioned by Penguin Random House to paint a canvas for use in the marketing campaign for La Belle Sauvage. The book is the first  volume in the Book of Dust trilogy by Philip Pullman published in October 2017.
Philip Pullman!

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to be asked. One of the marketing directors spotted some promotional artwork I had painted in her local Waterstones and contacted me through the store. After a few emails backwards and forwards I got painting.

It was a real challenge.

It was the biggest commission I have painted being 100cm x 80cm in size, there was a pretty short deadline and it is very detailed as you will see in the video. So, lots of pressure, but I can honestly say I enjoyed painting every single brushstroke. I have made a short video. It’s not great quality, which I didn’t realise until after the canvas was collected, but I hope you enjoy hearing a bit about the process behind the painting as well as seeing it on film.

I have also made a video of the progress shots I took over the weeks I painted it, which is totally fascinating even to me, to see the painting develop and change.

The canvas was shown at the Young Adult Literature Convention in July 2017  and used during the launch of La Belle Sauvage in October 2017.

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The unveiling of the canvas….


A video of all the stages. I love this one best!

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