Ancestral Woods Collection

The Ancestral Woods Collection.

Ancestral Woods/woodland trees photograph for inspirationAncestral Woods Collection.

I’m so excited to bring to you my latest collection of work.

The Ancestral Woods collection is inspired by research into my family history.

Standing on the land where my Great Great Grandfather worked as a woodsman and where generations before him had lived I was inspired to put down on paper my emotions. I had a strong urge to make visual the powerful connection I felt as I stood near the small church in West Harling. With the sun on my face, listening to the wind through the trees, the echo of their voices danced across the years and sparked in me a new obsession. The Woods.

“Since that day a deep desire to walk among trees was born in me and as an artist, it naturally followed that I had to paint them”

This collection is made up of watercolours and oils, large and small. There is a little piece of my heart in each of them, what I felt as I walked in my ancestors footsteps. I hope that you love them as much as I have loved creating them for you.

Prints are available from £19.50 to £60, and originals from £95. 

Ancestral Woods - Ancestors

Sidney William Wilson my Grandad is second from the right.

Laura Wilson 1968

daughter of

Ronald Colin Wilson 1940 + Marion Lloyd 1947

Son of

Sidney William Wilson born 1903 + Grace Abigail Brooks born 1908

Son of

Charles William Wilson born 1875 + Charlotte Basing born 1876

Son of

George Wilson (The Woodsman) born 1853 + Elizabeth Poll born 1851

Son of

William Wilson born 1823 + Charlotte Green born 1823

Son of

Robert Wilson born 1798 + Lydia Mallows born 1799

Son of

John Wilson born 1762 + Martha Paine born 1767

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